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Location: Scotland
Date: November 10, 2023
Fashion As A Force For Good With Beira. image

Fashion As A Force For Good.

We have partnered with Beira on a special collaboration that is close to our hearts. Both us and Beira believe in empowering women to be the best they can be. Beira – with their roots in ethical fashion – and us – with their support through clothing and coaching for women on their employment journey. We’ve found a common ground to make a meaningful difference. Through our collaboration, we aim to support women on their journey towards employment, blending style with a cause and fostering a positive impact in our community.


Make a Fashion Statement With Beira

Beira is a unique fashion brand based in Scotland that turns unused luxury fabrics into limited edition womenswear. This practice reduces the textile waste that the fashion industry usually creates. Founders Flavio Forlani and Dr Antoinette Fionda-Douglas are deeply concerned about the environment and the unjust social practices in the fashion industry. That’s why they founded Beira as a brand that stands for change, being kind to the planet and fair to the people who make and wear their clothes.

Beira follows a principle called circular sourcing, where we buy unused luxury materials and turn them into new garments. They also use solar panels at our facilities in Italy and have a special shipping method that reduces their carbon footprint by 90%. Unlike many brands, Beira is completely transparent about our practices. They share examples of production costs, so customers know exactly what they’re paying for.

Their ‘honest luxury’ approach means they design durable and stylish clothes and sell them directly to customers, which controls costs. This way, people get high-quality clothing at a much lower price whilst supporting a brand that cares for the environment and its workers. They’re demonstrating a new way of doing things in the fashion world, where luxury, fairness and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.


The Smart Works Scotland and Beira Collaboration: Crafting Change Together

At the heart of our collaboration is the ‘Maggie Jacket’, named on behalf of Maggie Darling, the Chair of Smart Works Scotland and the founding Trustee of Smart Works Charity. Maggie has been a force of change, helping women gain confidence and employment, and we couldn’t think of a better name for a jacket that conveys such a strong message. Each Maggie Jacket is a piece of this shared mission, blending our love for sustainable fashion with the empowering efforts of Smart Works Scotland.

“Smart Works Scotland has a major impact and makes a real difference to women’s lives. That’s what we’re trying to do with our brand and why we feel this is such a great collaboration. Maggie is incredible, not just for starting this charity, but the fact that she supports so many local female businesses. Maggie and the entire Smart Works Scotland team are truly inspiring and we’re really excited to have created our Maggie Jacket for them.” Antoinette Fionda-Douglas, Co-Founder of Beira.

“Beira has been supporting and encouraging us along our journey at Smart Works Scotland to help more and more women back into work.  We share values and belief in the power of fashion as a force for good. So we are delighted and thrilled by Antoinette’s generous and gorgeous creation, the Maggie Jacket.  The funds raised through its sale will help change lives.  Empowering our clients, helping them gain confidence, find a job and begin to be the best they can be. Thank you Beira.  You are an inspiration and we are proud to work with you.” Maggie Darling, Chair of Smart Works Scotland.

“Lovely to be working with and helping launch the Maggie Jacket from sustainable brand Beira and Smart Works Scotland who many of you know I champion. I love this beautiful vintage style blazer in this stunning navy velvet… looking forward to showing you how I will style it.” Caroline Cook, Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger.


The Maggie Jacket mirrors the Jeanne Jacket, with a distinct character derived from the Elena Jacket. The longer fit and enhanced cut along the hips meld seamlessly with the delightful bracelet-style sleeves. Three-button detailing and a versatile collar add a finishing touch to this masterpiece, making it a perfect companion for either a casual ensemble or your most beloved dress. This limited edition navy velvet jacket, priced at £320, is a piece of honest luxury, with only 41 jackets available.

Beira is thrilled to donate £30 from each of The Maggie Jackets directly to Smart Works Scotland. This way, we’re not just creating a stylish jacket; we’re giving back and supporting a better future for women. You can find The Maggie Jacket here.