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Location: Scotland
Date: February 15, 2023
The Smart Works Female Unemployment Index image

At Smart Works we passionately believe that female workers are one of the greatest assets we have in our economy. However, too often our clients come to us after months and years of trying to secure work without success and lacking confidence.

The Smart Works Female Unemployment Index is a report designed to highlight the experiences our clients face when looking for work. It covers all aspects from experiencing unemployment, experience of the interview process and the meaning of having a job.

1 in 4 unemployed women revealed they have been out of work for over three years. The average time spent applying for jobs is 23 hours a week and more than 1 in 10 women have applied for over 50 roles.

When they do make it to interview women had an Overall Confidence Score of 68 (with 100 being positive about succeeding in interviews, 50 being neutral and 0 being negative).  They felt least positively about employers’ perceptions of them being a woman, with an Interview Confidence Score of 61, and being a parent, with a score of 55.

In a three-month period almost 900 women shared their experience of being unemployed with us to help create this report. During this time there has been one recurring theme; that despite the barriers faced our clients remain determined to find employment with 23% citing their main driver for getting a job was to find a sense of purpose and identity.

The process of securing a job is increasingly complex but by researching and publishing data on the issues facing unemployed women, we can help pave the way for progress.

By giving a voice to unemployed women, we can help unlock the female workforce.

You can read the full report here: